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Responsible additions to our commercial and industrial areas will result in MORE tax dollars to the city and LESS from our property taxes.


When the City negotiates contracts with outside vendors, it is incumbent upon its leaders to advocate for the best possible outcome for THE CITY; first, foremost, and only.


City statues require that the City maintain a balanced budget. But is that enough? I want to make sure every dollar of our tax money is well spent, and carefully spent.


About Me

Born in Houston, Texas, but raised in the Wildwood area when it was “the sticks”. I went to Lafayette High School, while being raised by my grandparents. Since there were five of us in the house, money for college was not plentiful; I worked and put myself thru night school to get my BS in Mechanical Engineering. I am fiercely proud at the hard work and dedication required to accomplish this, and have worked hard to excel with that degree.

From 2004 – 2006, I was honored to have served on the Board of Alderman. In late 2006, after trying to have our third child for some time, and considering running for re-election, my wife told me that if I wanted the third child to look like me, I’d have to be home once in a while – I got the hint and took my leave.

I have now lived in O’Fallon for the past 24 years. I’ve watched my hometown grow immensely in that time. I’ve had three wonderful children here, watched the community rally around my family when Alex got sick, and felt the warm embrace of neighbors when he passed. I love my hometown.

What Residents Say

See what our fellow Ofallon Ward 4 neighbors have to say about Jeff:

"It is both an honor and a privilege to endorse Jeff as our next Councilman. As a retired St.Louis metropolitan Police officer It is important to vote for Jeff and keeping O'Fallon one of America's safest city's."

Vince Z.

"The citizens of Ofallon would be well served having Jeff Kuehn on the City Council! I have known Jeff for almost 40 years and wholehearted endorse him in the April election! You will not find a more intelligent, hardworking and honest man to serve you."

Brian P.

"As an alderman in years past during a period of tremendous growth, Jeff certainly helped put O'Fallon in a prominent spot as one of the top ten most livable cities of that size in the United States. And it has consistently stayed there."

Margaret M.

Representing you, in O’Fallon’s 4th Ward, is a team effort. This form allows you to contact me at anytime. Perhaps you are looking to make a campaign contribution or volunteer? Send me a note and I will connect with you promptly.

Citizens for Jeff Kuehn - Patti Baratta Treasurer